10 States with the Lowest In-State Tuition

Where you live can play an important role in how cheaply you can go to college. The in-state tuition for state universities and colleges varies widely.

When you look at the list below, you should keep in mind that this is the average in-state tuition. That does not mean that these colleges are the cheapest in the United States.

Here’s a good example: The California State University system tuition is $5,742. You may be wondering why it is not on this list. California has two state university systems; the other being the University of California. The tuition for that system is over $14,000. When averaged together, it bumps California off this list.

The moral of the story? While tables like this are good, you need to drill down to the individual college.

StateAverage In-State
Annual Tuition
Sample College
Wyoming$5,060University of Wyoming
Florida$6,360Florida State University
Montana$6,410Montana State University
Utah$6,580Utah State University
New Mexico$6,620New Mexico State University
Nevada$6,910Nevada State College
Idaho$7,010Idaho State University
Alaska$7,130University of Alaska Anchorage
North Carolina$7,200North Carolina State University
Mississippi$7,410Mississippi State University
Cheapest Average In-State Tuition for Top 10 Cheapest States

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